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The Empathy Poems project is designed to raise awareness about the plight of asylum seekers and refugees.

Icarus crashes into this morning’s newsagency version of The Iliad

Hapless as a single blessed plane-crash body
bouncing ashore
but breathing still
belted to his upturned seat, 
face ploughing ancient compost grunge long congealed like truckfat
that was dolloped once across a blazing wreckage-field, 
he alone survives
to tell what becomes of Europe
after jackals from the old states and the newest over-ocean Union
belly-up horizon-free around the postwar charnel trough.


(a cheesemelt of Christopher Logue's cheesemelt of The Iliad, with Ovid, Melville's Ishmael and one East-Europe refugee smeared in too.)  


So Much Depends

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