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The Empathy Poems project is designed to raise awareness about the plight of asylum seekers and refugees.

Still We Cry

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You may rewrite this history
And say we never died
You might recite fake memoirs
But our tears will not dry

Is it crude that I ask, how
You continue in your life3
With blood and innocence spilled
And denial of our strife

Just like rain and snow
The cold grasps in days gone by
Though we are warmed by love
Still we cry, still we cry

Our homes and lives are broken
Our spirits crushed like sand
Resilience not conquered
As we continue to lose land

And all want comfort, freedom
Belonging, safety, love
As we continue on our journey
With bullets raining from above

So ask yourself this question
If you looked at our sky
Would you want life and shelter
Or for your kin to die

You are quick to filter images
Of babies caked with blood
You are quick to blame the nameless
For atrocities
Carried out in purpose name
That you hide behind, carelessly
You have beds
And water
And space
And life
And while we have none
And our hope wanes
While spirits fade
We love, but
Our tears will not dry


We do like to be beside the seaside

When I Was One